My camera does not work

My camera cannot load, what should I do?
My screen shows "No camera available".
I cannot see myself during the device check, I only get a black screen.

Having trouble with seeing yourself in the video screen? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Other software using the webcam
  • No built-in webcam in your device
  • ClassDo not having permission to use your camera
  • Google Chrome not having permission to use your camera
  • Faulty webcam driver that requires uninstallation and reinstallation

Follow the steps below to solve the problem!

Or did you mean: my video screen only appears as a black screen to other members in the room

Before you begin

Refresh your ClassDo page. and check if the problem persists.


Basic Diagnostics

Check if your device has a camera

Try opening a camera app on your device to check that you have a functioning camera (you cannot enter live collaboration with video chat on ClassDo without a camera). If your device does not have an built-in webcam, try using another device such as your mobile device, or connecting an external webcam.

If the camera app on your device does not work even though you have a webcam, it is possible that permission to use your device's camera has been switched off. See the instructions under "Check if Google Chrome has permissions to use the camera".

Check if you are using the correct camera

You may be using the wrong webcam. Check which camera you are using and switch cameras if necessary.

Check if your browser / ClassDo has permissions to access your camera

Check if other software are using the webcam

Other software that are using the webcam, such as Skype or Zoom, will prevent the browser from using the webcam. Check if other software are currently using the webcam. If you think that another software is using your camera, close that software completely and reload the ClassDo page.


Check your Webcam Configurations

For Integrated Camera

In certain computers, there is a function key button that you need to press to turn the webcam on. For example, for Lenovo laptops, it will be the "F8" key.


Look around your laptop, sometimes there is a toggle switch to turn your webcam on/off.

For External Webcam

You have to first ensure that you have installed a proper external webcam driver prior to entering a live collaboration room. Please check it with your respective webcam retailer.


Check that your Operating System and Google Chrome is updated

Check that your OS is up to date.

If you are using a Windows device

Click on the search bar on your taskbar. Type in Windows Update Settings and press enter on your keyboard.

Follow the instructions on your computer to update Windows.

If you are using a macOS device

Click on the search icon on the top right of your screen to open Spotlight. Type in Software Update and click the System Preferences panel.

Follow the instructions on your computer to update your macOS     

If you are using a ChromeOS device

Click on the circle icon to open search. Type in Settings and click on Settings.

Click About Chrome OS and then click Check for updates.

Update Google Chrome

Check if Google Chrome is up to date

Click on the menu button on the top right of the window. Then hover your cursor over Help and click About Google Chrome. Google Chrome will automatically check for an update and install any available updates. You will need to restart Google Chrome after the update. Follow the instructions on your computer to do so.

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