Conduct a Kahoot Quiz in a Live Session

Kahoot quizzes are a great way to incorporate fun and interactivity into live sessions, workshops or lessons. Kahoot requires participants to be able to view the quiz host's screen when answering the quiz, but there is no need to worry as you can easily conduct a Kahoot quiz in the virtual room with these steps!


Quiz Host: Screen Share Tab with Kahoot Quiz 

As the quiz host, you will have to  screen share the tab with the Kahoot quiz. Open the Menu and click Screen Share.

Make sure to click the slider to Also share screen audio so that the other members of the room can hear the Kahoot music too! Then, click Turn on screen share.

Click  Chrome tab and select the Kahoot tab to be shared. Make sure to check the box to Share Audio so that the Kahoot music is shared! Then, click Share.

Your screen share will automatically open in a new tab in the room. If you accidentally close the tab, simply mouse over your own video screen, then mouse over Screen Share and select Maximise.


Quiz Participant: Open Screen Share in Picture-in-Picture

If you are the one participating in the quiz, mouse over the quiz host's video screen. Mouse over Screen share and click on Picture in picture.

The screen share will now appear in a separate window that will stay on top of any other applications that you open. You can now go to Kahoot on a new web browser tab, enter your game PIN, and start playing the quiz, while still being able to view the teacher's questions.

If you find the picture-in-picture window too small for reading, you can adjust to a bigger size by clicking and dragging the edges of the window to resize it as you wish.

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