ClassDo in Mediacorp Channel 8 Prime Time News: "More Physical Tuition Centres Go Into Online Tutoring to Keep Up with the Times"

Watch the video footage of the original Chinese news report here (Source: Mediacorp

Mediacorp Channel 8 News, 24 Aug 2019 - The Singapore Association of Tutors observed that in recent years, many tuition centres have rapidly expanded their traditional, face-to-face tuition to online tuition to keep up with the times.

As tutoring apps become popular, more and more brick-and-mortar tuition centres are turning to online tutoring as a means to meet the growing demand for more convenient and more accessible tuition services. The news report highlighted the example of a tuition centre that was established five years ago, which started offering online tuition three years ago.

Parent of an online tuition student, Mdm Iris Lim quipped: “Online tuition is better. You just need to tell the tutor, I will be waiting for you at home at 8pm, and then both tutor and student can go online for lesson.”

Tuition centre co-founder Jason Lee shared: “Online tutoring offers some unique features that traditional face-to-face tuition is not able to provide. For example, in online tutoring, all the notes, worksheets and homework can be saved and stored in the online classroom. So students can access them easily for revision, anytime, anywhere."

The Singapore Association of Tutors expressed that online tuition can complement and enhance traditional face-to-face tuition.

As technology advances and artificial intelligence gets integrated into education in the near future, the Association strongly encourages tuition centre owners to make the best use of online tutoring platforms. Not only will this help to raise their teaching quality, it will also ensure their tuition business stays future-proof in this age of technological disruption.

(English translation by ClassDo)

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