The usage ledger in the billing page shows multiple entries for the same person

When I checked the room usage history, there are multiple/repeated entries for the same person even though that person was in the room the entire time.
The record of one person's usage of the room was split into many separate entries in the table.

Users are only charged for live video streaming. Hence, the usage ledger will record the time and duration of a user's video chat. An entry is created when a user enters the room with video chat and ends when the user exits the room.

Multiple entries in the usage history is likely due to an unstable internet connection causing the user's video chat to be repeatedly disconnected and reconnected. These interruptions to the video stream are often minor are quickly restored either by itself or by refreshing your browser

However, it can be disruptive and make it difficult to track a user's usage history if it happens often. We recommend that all users carry out an internet speed test before starting live collaboration and try to improve their internet connection if it does not meet the recommended speeds.

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