I invited someone wrongly

I invited the wrong person to the room/ invited them to the wrong room. What should I do?
I typed in the name wrongly when I was inviting someone to the room and sent the invite. Can I change it?
I typed in the wrong email address/ phone number when I invited someone to the room. What should I do?

Sent a Wrong Invitation

Simply cancel the invitation under Waiting to Join if the invitee has not yet created an account in ClassDo. However, note that an invitation would have already been sent to the invitee.

If the invitee already has an account in ClassDo, their name will appear under the room members list. You can simply remove them from the room.

Sent an Invitation with the Wrong Name

Invitations are sent out once you invite a person. Hence, there is no way to change the name on the invitation itself. However, the name you have invited them with is only temporary as they will enter their own name when creating their account for the first time.

You can still cancel the invitation and invite the person again under the correct name. This will cause a new invitation addressed to the correct name to be sent to the invitee.

Sent Invitation to the Wrong Mobile Number/ Email Address

If you have sent an invitation to the wrong mobile number/ email address, cancel the invitation and invite the person again.

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