Only one name is displayed even when in different rooms

I received two invitations for two of my children to different rooms to the same mobile number/ email address, but after logging in, only one child's name is displayed in both rooms. What can I do about it?

You may only create one account per mobile number / email address.  The same account can be used to access different rooms at the same time, but the name displayed for this account is the name entered when you first logged in, and will remain the same throughout all the rooms that it is invited to. 

If you want all your children's names to be displayed in the rooms, you may consider the following suggestions:


Include Both Names in Account Username

If your children are sharing an account, you may change the username of the shared account to include all the names of your children. You could also include extra details such as class or level to help others identify them in different rooms.


Create a Different Account

Alternatively, you may contact your organisation to invite one child with a different mobile number / email address, so that your child can use another account with a different name.
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