I do not see the room I've been invited/ added to after signing up/ logging in

I don't see any room after I signed up/logged in.
I see only a blue screen telling me to create my own organisation or contact my organisation admin for an invitation. 
I got invited to a room, but I cannot see or find it in the rooms list.

Did Not Receive Room Invite

Check with the room owner if you have been invited into the room. 

If the room owner has already invited you to the room but you did not receive any phone message/ email about the invite, check if the invite has been sent correctly

Signed Up with Different Method from How Invite was Sent

You may have signed up/ logged in with a different method from how your room invite was sent. If:

  • your room invite was sent to your phone via SMS: select Sign up/in with Mobile Number and enter the mobile number that you've received the invite on.
  • your room invite was sent via email: select Sign up/in with Email and enter the email address you've received the invite on.

The account that the invite has been sent to is exclusively linked to that one particular phone number or email address. It is important that you sign up or log in with the same method as how the invite was sent as you currently cannot merge accounts or use multiple phone numbers/ email addresses in the same account.

If you wish to sign up with a different preferred method from how your invite was sent, ask the room owner to send you another invite through your preferred method.

Room is Under a Different Organisation

If you are already a member of an organisation, and have been invited to a room under a different organisation, you may not see the room/organisation you had been invited to after you've first logged in.

Check if you are a member of more than one organisation, and look for the room you had been invited to under a different organisation.

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