I did not receive room invite

The room owner/ host said they had sent me a room invite, but I did not receive it.
I did not receive a room invite in my email.

Or did you mean: I received a room invite, but I cannot see the room I was invited to after logging in/ signing up


Resend invite

Ask the room owner to remove you from the room, then invite you to the room again.


Refresh your email's inbox

You may not see the email appear in your inbox immediately. Refresh your email inbox or refresh your browser before checking for the email again.


Check your email's spam or junk box

The verification code email may have been sent to the spam inbox of your email account. Check your spam inbox for an email from ClassDo.


Check "Promotions" tab or other tabs in Gmail

If you are using Gmail, the invite email may have been redirected to another tab such as the Promotions tab instead of your Primary inbox. Make sure to check the different tabs in your inbox for the email.


Check email address that invite is sent to

Ask the room owner to send you the invite again as a New Member. Check that they are sending it to the correct email address and do not include spaces.

If the room owner is unable to invite you (clicking the  Invite button has no effect), when they click the back arrow at the top left corner of the box, they might see an error message stating that the room member already exists. This means that there was no typo/error in the original email address. 

If you still cannot receive the invite, ask the room owner to invite you through a different email address.

Once you have received the room invite, accept the room invite to join the room.

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