My device’s operating system is outdated

My Operating System (OS) version is outdated, what should I do?

If you found that your operating system does not meet the minimum system requirements ( desktop, mobile), search if your device manufacturer has released a software update for your device. If it is available, please follow the steps recommended by your device manufacturers to install the update. For your convenience, you can select your operating system below to see how you can update your device. Note that only supported OSes are listed.

Mobile devices

Android (Most non-Apple smartphones)

iOS, iPadOS (iPhone, iPad)


ChromeOS (Chromebook)

macOS (Mac)

Windows (Most computers)

If no newer software update is available on your device, you may consider purchasing a newer, supported device. There are many affordable devices that meet the system requirement of ClassDo.

While it may be possible for you to use ClassDo on a device with an outdated operating system, we are unable to provide technical support should you encounter any problems related to your operating system.

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