See Your Students' Screens

As an online educator, how do you ensure that students are doing their assigned work or looking at the lesson materials in the virtual room during the lesson, instead of using their devices for other purposes like surfing the web? With ClassDo, you can keep track of what is on your students' screens by getting them to screen share their entire screen during the lesson!  


Get Them to Switch On Screen Share

Your students can follow the instructions here to switch on screen share.They should choose Share Your Entire Screen (Option 1).

To streamline the process, we advise that they read the instructions and download the screen share extension before the lesson. 

Remind your students to click Minimise Video after screen sharing to prevent infinite video screens from appearing. You can also minimise the video if you want to continue using ClassDo.

The screen share video will appear in the videochats panel on the left after being minimised.


Ensure that Entire Screen is Shared

Ask your student to either  minimise their current internet browser or open a different app on their device to check that they have shared their entire screen.

As with the example above, if they have chosen the correct option, you should be able to see things like externally opened apps or the desktop background on your students' screens.

If you cannot see anything other than their internet browser or a single application window (e.g. they have opened Word document, but you cannot see anything but the Word document), they may have chosen the Share Application WIndow option, which will not let you see everything going on their screens. 

Ask them to restart screen share with the correct option.


View Your Students' Screens

Mouse over the screen share in the videochats panel to see whose device it is coming from. Click the Expand Video button to have a clearer view of what your student is working on at any time.

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