Writing in the Virtual Room

Being able to write smoothly on your documents and sketchpads in the virtual room can be essential if you wish to draw or display workings. No worries, as there are multiple ways of drawing and writing in the virtual room without having to fumble with your mouse. 

Connect a Drawing/ Writing Tool

You can connect drawing/ writing tools, such as digital drawing tablets or LCD writing pads, to your computer and use them in the virtual room.

Use the Touchscreen of your Device

ClassDo supports touchscreen devices. Hence, if you are using a laptop with a touchscreen or a tablet/ smartphone to log into ClassDo, you can simply draw directly on documents and sketchpads using the touchscreen. If you need to do more detailed or fine writing/drawing in your collaboration work, you may wish to purchase an option stylus pen for writing and drawing, such as a WACOM stylus or Apple Pencil.

Use your Mobile Device as Touchscreen Support

If you plan to carry out video chat on a non-touchscreen device (e.g. your computer) but wish to draw/ write without using your mouse, simply use our Second Device feature to use your mobile device as touchscreen support.

Your mobile device will remain in sync with the room. If the room is set to Presentation or Collaboration Sync mode, you will still view the same page as everyone else. All annotations that you make in the room with your mobile device will appear on everyone else's screens.

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