Organising Content in the Virtual Room

Currently, all files saved in the Content, Sketch or Type tabs of the virtual room are linearly and chronologically displayed in the media file bar, with the latest created/ uploaded file on the left. A new feature which would allow users to search for and organise files is in development and pending release. 

In the meanwhile, we recommend that you adopt the following best practices for easier management of your files in the virtual room.


Split Chapters or Topics

Split larger multiple-page files into smaller bite-sized files by topic, chapter or lesson. If you are covering two chapters or topics within the same session, you can save and upload the two chapters or topics in two separate files and name them accordingly. This increases the relevancy of each file and also makes it easier to flip through a file with fewer pages. (PDF files can be easily divided into smaller parts using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.)

Upload/ Create Files By Session

Upload only the files of the chapters or topics that will be covered in the immediate next session. Files that contain similar content for the session will then be grouped together, and these groups will then also be arranged in the same chronological order as your sessions. This makes it easier for you and other room members to:
  • identify the content that is most relevant to the next session
  • name the file according to the session during which it was covered or addressed
  • look for the relevant files based on the session and time when it was covered.

This also applies to the creation of sketchpads or typepads when preparing for a future session.


Always Name Files Once Created/ Uploaded

Files are always unnamed when first created/ uploaded, so it is important to  name files immediately  after creating/ uploading them. When students upload photos of their homework, they should also name their files accordingly. For easier identification, name the files according to a fixed file-naming convention, e.g. [lesson number][topic][Notes/Assignment][StudentName].
It may be helpful to assign a system of acronyms or shortened labels (e.g. shortening topic names or student names to a few numbers/ letters) for the beginning of the file name so that more details about the file can be seen from its thumbnail's name in the media file bar.
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