Blended Learning: Incorporate ClassDo into Your Teaching Space

Blended learning is possible in any classroom! A simple and fuss-free way to bring tech into the classroom, ClassDo lets you capitalise on digital and online resources to keep your students engaged and always ready to learn. 

Here are a few ways to maximise your teaching with ClassDo.

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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a learning approach that combines online learning with face-to-face interactions between teacher and student. Common examples of blended learning include the flipped classroom, rotated learning, or simply incorporating technology into the classroom.

Blended learning allows you to:

  • Improve efficiency of typical classroom tasks like note-taking, displaying diagrams and explaining concepts
  • Engage and retain students' interest with novel ways of learning
  • Individualise each student's learning so they can learn at their own pace or be provided with more help if needed.

Why Use ClassDo in Blended Learning?

ClassDo's features make it uniquely suited as a medium for blended learning.


Best of Both Worlds

ClassDo is a platform which supports both online and offline teaching and learning. By using the same virtual room, the common resource base containing all your materials allows you to transition seamlessly from fully online teaching to blended learning in the classroom and back again.

This unique feature makes ClassDo ideal for various types of blended learning, such as:

Flipped Classroom: 

A type of blended learning where students are introduced to content at home and practice working through it in class, allowing them to learn at their own pace before consulting the teacher to explain areas of difficulty.

  1. Enter the room under Work on my own to upload any kind of learning materials (slides, notes and even YouTube videos), assignments/ questions or launch a poll
  2. Get your students to also enter the room under Work on my own to study the material and attempt the questions at home
  3. In class, enter the virtual room under Work with others: ✖ No audio, video on this device to review students' answers on the attempted material and clarify any questions/ doubts they may have.

Rotated learning:

Students alternate between independent online studying and face-to-face classroom time. This can help split classes into smaller sizes so that teachers can better focus on each student during their classroom time.

Online support:

For infrequent classes, students who require more help can arrange online consultations with their teachers in the virtual room. The student and teacher should both enter the room with  Work with others: ✔ Audio, video on this device so that they can communicate online.


Tech Incorporation

Within the classroom, you and your students should enter the room in Work with others: ✖ No audio, video on this device mode. Since you are only charged for live video streaming in ClassDo, using this mode is free! Just by bringing your own devices, any classroom can be turned into a smart room, with the perks of:

Front-row Seats for Every Student

A touchscreen smartphone, tablet or computer becomes an interactive whiteboard that every student can reach. No matter where they are in the classroom, this allows them to see every detail without moving an inch!

Automatic Note-taking

All your annotations on your whiteboard and documents are automatically saved and stored permanently. Instead of needing to take notes or photos, students can focus on listening and understanding what you are going through in class.

Multi-device Support

Just go to and sign into your account on whichever device you wish to use. Even if you leave your laptop plugged into the projector, you can control the virtual room and annotate documents remotely from your tablet, and move around to check on your students at the same time.


Remote Joining

While conducting an in-person lesson using ClassDo with students in the same physical room, you can also connect with absent students to join in your class remotely at the same time in the same virtual room, by using a mix of two ENTER ROOM modes in ClassDo.

  1. Create a virtual room and add your remote guest teacher or students into the room. 
  2. Upload your teaching or presentation materials, worksheets, slides, notes into the virtual room, so that you can teach and present from the virtual room. Your remote students will be able to view them in sync in real-time with you during the live lesson. 
  3. If you would like your students in the same physical classroom to be able to view the learning materials from their own personal devices during lesson and be able to revisit the learning materials within the virtual room after the lesson is over, make sure that you have also invited them into the virtual room. Then get them to log onto ClassDo and enter the virtual room under Work with others: ✖ No audio, video on this device. They won't need video and audio on their devices as they can already see and hear you in person.
  4. On your own device, enter the same virtual room under Work with others: ✔ Audio, video on this device (first option). Ensure that your device webcam is pointing to you, so that your remote students can see and hear you clearly. 
  5. Your remote students joining you online must also log onto ClassDo and enter the same virtual room under this same option, so that they can see and hear you.

Access Resources Outside the Classroom

You and your students can access the resources stored in the ClassDo's virtual room at any time simply by entering the room under Work on my own mode. Everything you or your students used are already inside, saving you the time and trouble of manually sending documents to your students, or uploading them into a separate LMS or third-party sharing app, 


Submit and Mark Homework On-the-go

It is easy, convenient, and absolutely free for your students to drop their homework into the virtual room once they are finished, and for you to mark them wherever you are. Best of all, just drop your students a message for them to review their assignments immediately, no physical back-and-forth needed 

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