Check status of internet service providers (ISPs)

If you are experiencing lagginess or difficulties in connecting to the virtual room, it is possible that your internet service provider (ISP) may be facing issues, resulting in an unstable connection. This may be especially pronounced in times of high online traffic. In such cases, you may be have to try using a different ISP.

Note that this article only provides links for the major ISPs in Singapore.

Check Network Stability of your ISP

Note that the following sites rely on reports made by users of the ISP and are not official statistics or reports provided by the ISP.





Check for Official Announcements by your ISP

You can also check the official pages managed by your ISP to see if it has released any news, or to inquire directly about the state of its network. 

Singtel Facebook page:

StarHub Facebook page:

M1 Facebook page:

MyRepublic Facebook page:

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