Log Out of Your Account

After logging into your account, ClassDo ensures that you stay logged into the same account for ease of access. Opening any tab or clicking any link that leads to ClassDo.com ( including invite links meant for a separate account) will automatically redirect you to the account you originally logged in with.

Hence, if you are using a shared device or wish to sign in to a different account, make sure to first log out of your account!

To begin, you need to be in the Organisation. If you are not, refer to this article to exit a room. The associated controls are at the right of the screen.


Go to User Settings

Click on on the settings  icon next to your user name at the lower left of your page.
On mobile, first tap the three lines menu button at the top left. Then, tap the settings icon on the lower left next to your user name.

Select Logout

Click Logout.

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