Login Instructions for Students/Parents (for Email Invite)

This article contains login instructions for students/parents whom you have invited to join a room on ClassDo via email address. 

Onboarding Students Invited by Email Address

Email title: ClassDo for [School/Centre Name]

Dear students and parents ,

We will be using ClassDo for live online teaching. ClassDo is an online collaborative classroom platform which allows you to interact with your teacher and classmates live, as well as view and write on uploaded files in sync with one another, just like you are all sitting side-by-side in the same physical room. 

ClassDo also autosaves all your files and work in the same online classroom, so you can access all your learning materials instantly in one place, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Shortly, you will be receiving an email room invite from ClassDo to join your online classroom. Please follow the steps below to check your device and log in. 

Before you begin: Check your system and internet speed

ClassDo can be used on any device as long as your operating system (OS) and browser are up to date. Check here for the required version for your OS and browser: https://help.classdo.com/category/79-system-requirements

You'll also need a strong and stable internet connection. Run an internet speed on the same device and at the same location where you will be taking the online lesson. Follow the steps at https://help.classdo.com/article/143-run-internet-speed-test-recommended-speeds

Step 1: Log onto ClassDo with your email address

Go to https://ClassDo.com on Google Chrome (if you are using using Windows, iMAC, MacBook or Android mobile devices), Microsoft Edge (if you are using Windows, iMAC, MacBook or Android mobile devices) or Safari (if you are using iPad/iPhone). 

Do NOT use Internet Explorer or any other browsers. If you do not have Chrome, download for free from: https://www.google.com/chrome/.

On the website, click Start a Class For Free.

 Enter the same email address that you received your email room invite with. 

Click Continue with email.

Step 2: Check your email for the verification code and enter it

Open a new tab on your browser or use your mobile phone to check your email. DO NOT close or navigate away from the ClassDo login page.

FAQ: If you did not receive your verification code email, follow these steps to troubleshoot: https://help.classdo.com/article/334-cannot-receive-verification-code-email

Step 3: Create your account

Enter your first and last names.

Then, click Next.

Step 4: Run device test

As soon as you have created your ClassDo account, you MUST run a device test to check if your device web camera, microphone and speaker are functioning properly before your first live online lesson. 

Follow the steps in this guide to check your device: https://help.classdo.com/article/94-run-manual-device-test

If you are using your own device to access ClassDo, you do not need to log out of your account. Then you won't need to log in again before your first lesson. Otherwise, if you have logged out, just repeat Steps 1 and 2 above to log onto ClassDo again when it's time for your first online lesson.

Step 5: Enter the room

When it's time for your online lesson, select your classroom named  “[Room Name]” from the left panel.

Click the button Enter Room under Work with others

Need help?

If you encounter any problems during onboarding or during your session, search for an answer at ClassDo Help Centre ( https://help.classdo.com).

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