Why ClassDo Over Other Videoconferencing Tools

Online collaboration classrooms vs corporate videoconferencing

Conventional videoconferencing tools, such as Skype and Zoom, were created since a decade ago to serve the corporate and business sectors' needs for basic video calls and online meetings among working professionals. As a result, these platforms tend to be less interactive and less collaborative than the demands of effective online teaching and learning necessitate. Their user interfaces are also less user-friendly for younger users typical in an education setting.

ClassDo's online collaboration classrooms are designed with educators, for education. 

With advanced online classroom management features that empower you to replicate physical classroom's interactivity online, ClassDo makes online teaching and learning easy, efficient and smart for you, your teachers and students. In ClassDo's online classrooms, lessons are just as effective as sitting side by side in the same physical classroom.


Instantly accessible

No download nor installation needed – sign up or log in on your web browser, on any device.

Effortlessly secure

No password to remember – for your peace of mind, we use the same security measure as Singapore government for e-services and banks for mobile banking. Access your rooms with a unique, one-time verification code. No need to worry about forgetting your password! This also means that absolutely no one else will be able to access your acount and rooms.

No admin hassle

One-time room set-up for year-round use – no need to keep generating new room links for every day or every week's lesson. For the same class group of room members, create rooms and send invites just once, and your teachers and students can meet in the same rooms as often as they like. 

Convenient access

Same permanent rooms, always private, always there – all your rooms on ClassDo are permanent, just like your class groups in physical classrooms. So there's no need to look for and enter new room link and password for every lesson. Just log onto ClassDo.com and enter the room under your account to resumre live lesson or do your own revision immediately.


All the collaboration tools you need in one room

All tools just a click away – upload and access files, whiteboard, typepad, poll, YouTube videos, screensharing, recording and recorded videos playback, multiple devices, etc within your online room during your lesson. Save on subscriptions for external third-party applications outside of ClassDo. 

Teach more effectively beyond screensharing

Don't just show; do together – on ClassDo, every room member can upload files, annotate, write, co-create and co-learn together.

100% student engagement ensured

Monitor all your students' screens – only with ClassDo can everyone in the room share their whole screen at the same time. As the teacher, you can check what your students are looking at on their screens any time you want during the lesson.

Monitor offline work in the online room

A visualiser in everyone's mobile phone – only with ClassDo can you see what your students are writing on paper or show them what you are writing on paper, just like you are all in the same physical classroom.


All your notes and homework saved in one place

One-stop file storage for easy retrieval –  no need to send notes and worksheets separately, and no fear of misplacing them just before exams revision

ClassDo remembers everything for you

All writing and annotations autosaved – so that your students can prioritise listening, learning, understanding and discussing over note-taking, and still be as smart as our online classrooms.

A smarter choice for your business

Your data, yours and yours only

Absolutely zero data mining  – ClassDo does not mine nor sell your customers' data to any other third-party website in order to subsidise your ClassDo platform usage fees. We do not believe this is ethical business conduct. So we will never contribute to your customers being served your competitors' advertisements.

Save more with these value-added features at no extra cost

Unlimted storage  documents and recordings all saved in the cloud for unlimited time.

Repurpose your existing devices to supercharge your collaboration – our mobile phone visualiser tool and multi-device support allow you to use the devices you already own. Save money without the need to invest in another webcam, visualiser, writing tablet or smart board. 

Custom-branded rooms – all rooms in ClassDo are branded with your centre name and brand logo.

Why just settle for a traditional videoconferencing platform that does not meet your online teaching and learning needs fully?  Experience truly effective online collaboration with ClassDo's online collaboration classrooms.

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