Select Organisation and Room to Enter

This article is for general users of ClassDo e.g. students, adult learners. If you are an organisation owner, admin, or member with admin permission, e.g. tutor or trainer, please refer to this article.

If you are a member of multiple organisations and rooms, you first need to go to the correct organisation page before you can enter the rooms in that organisation.


Select Organisation

To begin, you need to be in the Organisation Screen. The associated controls are at the top left of the screen.

The circled organisation displayed on the leftmost of the screen shows the organisation whose page and rooms you are currently viewing. Ensure that you are currently in the correct organisation.

You can check the name of a different organisation by hovering your cursor over the  organisation logo. If you are in the wrong organisation, click on the logo to toggle to the correct organisation.


Select Room

In the left panel, you can now see the list of all the rooms that you have been added to in this organisation. Click on the name of the room you wish to enter.

Click Enter Room to enter a collaboration session with others.

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