I'm using iPad/iPhone: My microphone is not working

This article is for iPad/ iPhone users on Safari.
My iPad microphone cannot load during device test, even after I clicked the 'Reload' icon.
The volume bar did not move at all during device test.
Others can hear one another but cannot hear me inside the room, even though I've given Safari permission to access the microphone.
Others cannot hear me, even though I have refreshed my Safari browser

Follow the steps below to reload the microphone.

If you are facing these problems, it is likely that your video is not working / you cannot be seen by other members of the room as well.

Reboot Safari Browser

Close all Safari tabs completely, and launch Safari again on the iPad/iPhone. 

Try to enter the room and run the device test again. You can do so manually if you have disabled the auto device test. You should see the volume bar move when testing your microphone during the device test.

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