Stream Your Own Videos into the Virtual Room

Want to share your own proprietary non-YouTube videos without having to invest in an expensive learning management system or a video-on-demand portal? Use this safe and cost-free method below to 'store' your videos on YouTube securely as unlisted links and stream the videos into the virtual room for all room members to watch together. 

As the YouTube links are unlisted, no one would be able to search and find your videos on YouTube. Only those whom you have given access to your room can watch the videos within the room, but they will not be able to download the videos from the room.

YouTube URLs are also never displayed anywhere in the virtual room, safeguarding your videos from being shared around with non-room members.


Upload Your Video to YouTube as an Unlisted Video

Log on to your YouTube account and select Your channel

Click Upload Video to 'save' your video on YouTube. 

At Step 3: Visibility, select Unlisted. This will make sure that no one on YouTube can search or find the video you have uploaded. No one will be able to see your video unless they have the specific URL to it.

It is important that you set the video as Unlisted to make sure no one can find the video on YouTube's public site.


Copy Video URL

Mouse over the video you have uploaded and click Options (represented by a three-dots icon). Select Get shareable link to copy the video URL automatically.


Paste and Save Video URL into the Virtual Room

Enter the virtual room where you want to upload the video to. Select Web YouTube. Paste the video URL into the blank, then click Save.

Your video thumbnail will appear in the room, where any room member can click on it and play it. Remember to name your video as names are not carried over when content is uploaded into the room.

YouTube videos uploaded into the room

  • do not have a displayable link or URL
  • do not show the uploader/ channel of the video
  • are not downloadable
  • can be watched by members of the room at any time (including under Work on my own mode)
  • can be deleted from the room at any time.

You do not have to worry about your video being reproduced or downloaded by any room member, or viewed by anyone who is not a member of the room.

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