Others cannot hear the video I am screen sharing

When I screen shared a video, others can see the video but cannot hear it.
Only I can hear the sound from the video I screen shared.

For YouTube Videos

Instead of screen sharing YouTube videos from another browser tab outside the virtual room, we recommend that you watch them within the virtual room by simply copying, pasting and saving the URL. The video will stream directly from YouTube with full audio.

For non-YouTube Videos


Did Not Share Screen Audio

If you are screen sharing a video which is not on YouTube (e.g. a Vimeo video on another website, or saved locally on your computer), you may have forgotten to enable audio-sharing. You need to click both the slider and the checkbox for audio sharing to be enabled.

Switch off screen share and click the slider on for Also share screen audio before switching on screen share again.

When selecting which option to screen share, make sure that the checkbox for Share audio at the bottom left corner is also ticked before clicking Share. Due to browser or OS constraints, this checkbox may not appear for some options, which means that these options cannot be used with audio sharing. 

Check the system requirements for screen share and sharing screen audio.


Using an Unsupported/Outdated Operating System or Browser

You may also be unable to share audio if your OS or browser is not updated. Update or upgrade your OS ( Windows 10, macOS) to the latest version before you start virtual collaboration.

Note that sharing screen audio of other apps outside the browser is not supported on macOS and Linux.

Problems with Only One Member Being Unable to Hear

If only one or a few members seem unable to hear audio from your video, it is possible that it is a local issue with their device. You can try testing this by checking if they are able to hear the audio from your video chat.

If someone is having trouble with hearing audio from ClassDo, direct them to the troubleshooting article here.

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