Know Who to Focus On: Alternatives to Raising Hands

Raising hands in the classroom is an important way for individual students to ask to be heard without disrupting the class and their classmates. Currently, we do not have a raise hands feature, which is being developed in the next generation of our virtual room. 

However, ClassDo is designed for instant, responsive interactions where everyone can see and hear everyone else at the same time. Even without a raise hands feature, there are still ways for your students to get your and the class's attention effectively.


Mute all students during presentations or lectures

Inform your students that they will be muted in class during the presentation or "mini-lecture" sections of the lesson to minimise disruption.


Raise hands to draw attention

After being muted, to indicate that they have a question, students can raise their hands literally.


Active speaker will be automatically detected

Among your other room members (i.e. the active speaker will never show yourself), the student asking a question will have their video being highlighted as the active speaker (with green outline) on in the videochats panel on the left. The active speaker function automatically detects which one of your other room members is currently speaking, letting you quickly identify and focus your attention on the speaker.

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