Easy, Effective & Smart Online Teaching & Collaboration with ClassDo

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ClassDo offers educators and business clients custom-branded virtual collaboration rooms that are easy to use, efficient, smart and secure. Uniquely designed to resemble how people work and learn together in the real world, each ClassDo room has all the collaborative tools you need. So everyone can go far beyond traditional video conferencing and one-way screensharing, and work on the same files, drawings and text together seamlessly, without clumsily switching between multiple apps.

With ClassDo, collaboration and learning take centre stage, as our virtual rooms remember and save everything for you. Getting started on ClassDo is as simple as visiting a webpage on any device; no installation required.

ClassDo redefines collaboration, bringing you an authentic online collaborative experience that is as effective as learning and working together side by side one another. Create your own custom-branded room on https://classdo.com today!

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