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In the virtual collaboration room, sharing and working on your notes or projects together is simple and intuitive with Type. Learn how to use the various features that the typepad has to offer.

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Check the Paragraph Number

Check the paragraph number by referring to the numbers on the left side of the textpad. Adding a line break with the Enter bar also counts as a paragraph. This is useful when you wish to quickly direct others to a certain section in the textpad.

Change the Text Font, Size or Colour

Click the button with Font, Size, or Colour depending on what you want to change and select the options you want from the drop-down list. The text that you type afterwards will be formatted with the options chosen. You can also edit already typed text by selecting the text you wish to change, then clicking the buttons and choosing the formatting styles you want.

The default font, size and colour is Arial 14, black.

Format the Text 

Click the button for the formatting you wish to use. For these formats, choose the respective button: Bold: B, ItalicsI, Underlined: U, Cancellation / Strikethrough: S

You can also change the formatting of existing text by selecting the text, then clicking the button of the formatting you wish to apply. You can also apply more than one kind of formatting to the text.

Create Lists

You can create different types of lists by selecting the text that you wish to turn into a list, then pressing the respective button. Three types of lists can be created: unordered list, ordered list and checklist. The checklist squares can be ticked and unticked.

Add or Remove Space In Front of Text

To add space in front of text (indent text), select the text you want to indent, then press the Add Indent button on the right. To remove the space in front of the text, select the text you want to remove the indentation from, then press the Remove Indent button on the left.

Move the Text to Different Positions

You can position the text on different parts of the typepad by pressing the Align Left, Align Centre or Align Right buttons before typing. You can also change the position of existing text by selecting the text you wish to change the position of, and then pressing the corresponding button to align it.

Cancel a Previously Made Action 

You can cancel an action you just made by pressing the Undo button on the left side, and restore an action you have undone by pressing the Redo button on the right side. You can undo and redo multiple actions.

Insert Image

To insert an image, click the rightmost Image icon.

Copy and paste the image address into the textbox. Note that only online images with an URL can be inserted under the Type function.

Then, click Submit.

The uploaded image will be displayed in the document. Alternatively, you can also directly paste an image onto the typepad by pressing ⌘ + V on macOS or Ctrl + V on other platforms.

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