What Devices Should I Buy?


If you are looking to get a device that lets you use ClassDo most effectively, here are some of our recommended devices.

Touchscreen Laptops

Lenovo Chromebook 500e (2nd Gen)

Whether you are a tutor looking for a new teaching aid, a student looking for an inexpensive device to learn more effectively online, or just looking to boost your productivity while you work, the Lenovo 500e would be a great device for you. 


  • Touchscreen with an active stylus that lets you write and sketch smoothly
  • Convertible: use it as a laptop when typing, or rotate its screen and use it as a tablet for writing
  • Lightweight: easy to transport or carry around
  • Durable: built to last

Price range: under US$400

Supported by Google for 6 years from its release date, it will stay updated with the latest feature and security releases, such as Android apps support and Google's Verified Boot and Sandboxes, which protects you when using apps and websites. 

Compatible with Microsoft Office: ChromeOS devices like this Chromebook can now create, modify and present through Microsoft Office Online, allowing you to do all of your typical office work seamlessly and efficiently.

HP Spectre x360

Model: 13-ap0041nr

The HP Spectre x360 is a full featured convertible Windows machine with a built-in stylus and touchscreen.


  • Full-HD touchscreen that lets you write and sketch with your fingers or with the included stylus 
  • Convertible: use it as a laptop when typing, or rotate its screen and use it as a tablet for writing
  • Lightweight: easy to transport or carry around
  • Powerful: high-end 8th-Gen Intel Core-i7 CPU
  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor: added convenience and security to authentication for logging into your laptop or online payment
  • Bang&Olufsen quad speaker: highly engineered sound system to provide an immersive viewing experience

Price range: under US$1,300

Use Your Existing Touchscreen Device to Write and Draw

If you're not looking to replace your computer anytime soon, but you need to do a lot of writing and drawing during the live collaboration, you can connect your existing touchscreen device to your virtual room. Simply turn on the Second Device mode after you've entered your virtual room. Touchscreen devices that you can use include iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. 

Graphic Writing/DrawingTablet

If you do not have any existing touchscreen mobile devices, you may consider getting a graphic writing/drawing tablet. With this tablet, you can simply plug into your computer or laptop as and when you need to use it for wriiting or drawing, be it during your live collaboration or when you are working on your own on ClassDo.

Wacom Intuos S

The Wacom Intuos S is an extremely affordable, lightweight, portable and no-frills option for both beginners and professionals.


  • pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels so that you can adjust the thickness of your strokes easily
  • 133Hz pen recognition rate for smooth accurate writing
  • customizable shortcut keys

Price range: under US$85 (for the wired version) 

Wacom One

The Wacom One is a high-quality, table-top pen display which comes with a stylus. Designed to emulate the natural writing experience, it allows annotating in ClassDo to feel like you're writing on paper. It's compatible with Mac, Windows and Android devices.


  • Full-HD screen allows you to see everything in clear detail
  • Pressure and tilt sensitive stylus that lets you write and draw precisely and intuitively

Price range: under US$400 

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