Manage Content in the Room (Desktop)

This article is for general users of ClassDo e.g. students, adult learners. If you are an organisation owner, admin, or member with admin permission, e.g. tutor or trainer, please refer to this article.

Content files are important in aiding discussions and presentations, as they help in teaching and understanding among users. Instant updates and modifications of materials allow for real time effective interaction between the room members.

Note that if you do not have the admin permission to "Rename, create/upload any content in the main room without host approval", you cannot upload files into the Room Library. You can only upload them in your desk or groups.

In this article:

Upload Content

Refer to the links below on how to upload each type of content:

Name or Delete Content

To name a file, fill in the text box above the document. The name will then be displayed next to its small icon at the bottom.

To  delete files, click on the menu button (three-dots icon) on the right, then click Delete content. You can only delete files uploaded by you unless you have the admin rights to delete content uploaded by others.

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