Create a Sketchpad in the Room (Desktop)

This article is for general users of ClassDo e.g. students, adult learners. If you are an organisation owner, admin, or member with admin permission, e.g. tutor or trainer, please refer to this article.

ClassDo's virtual room comes with its own virtual whiteboard! With Sketch, share what you draw and write with everyone in the room. Feel free to jot down workings or draw models and graphs while you learn!

Finished learning how to get started? Explore what you can do with your sketchpad.

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Creating a Sketch

Click the new tab icon.

Select Sketch.


Naming the Sketch

You can name or rename your sketches by clicking the  title. Then type in the textbox below Content name and typing in the name of the sketch. You can also rename others' sketches.


Opening Previous Sketches

View other sketches by clicking on the new tab icon, and selecting the sketch you would like to open.


Deleting the Sketch

You can delete the sketch that you are currently viewing by clicking the arrow icon.

Then select  Delete content.

Confirm that you would like to delete the sketchpad.

If the sketch is created by someone else, the trashbin button will not appear unless you have admin rights to delete any content.

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