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Video chatting allows you to see and communicate with others as if they were right next to you, making online collaboration smooth and effortless. Our video chat includes a number of features that help facilitate your experience in our virtual rooms.

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On Mobile

On mobile, tap the nine squares  menu button at the top right. The bar with video chat controls will pop up at the bottom of the screen.


Video Chat View

The video chat screens of all members are shown at the top of the screen. To expand the screens in a bigger view, click the videochat view icon on the right of the screen.

The room will be switched to the videochat view. If the room is in Enable Sync mode, all members of the room will also be moved to videochat view. Up to 16 videoscreens can be shown at the same time.

To return to normal view, simply click the videochat view icon again.


Active Speaker View

The active speaker view in the virtual room is designed to help the active speaker identify who among the  other room members is the one actively speaking at that moment. Hence, if you are the current active speaker (e.g. presenter), you will not see your own face on your active speaker screen, but other members will see you on theirs.

In the videochat view, the videoscreen of the most active speaker among your other room members will be highlighted with a green border.

On other tabs, the active speaker's videoscreen will be shown with a green border, and will also be seen in the leftmost screen of the videochat panel.


Mute/Unmute Audio in Videochat

You can mute your own audio by clicking the microphone icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

A red muted symbol will appear on your video screen.

To unmute yourself, simply click on the microphone icon again.

If you have the permissions to toggle other room members' microphone, you can also mute and unmute other room members' audio. Click their videoscreen and click the slider next to Microphone to mute them.

All room members are able to mute and unmute their own audio at any time. However, if you wish to prevent a certain room member from toggling their microphone by themselves (e.g. to keep them permanently muted) you can lock their controls so that only room hosts can toggle their microphone settings.


Turn On/Off Video in Videochat

You can switch off your video by clicking the  video icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Your video will be replaced with your profile photo. You can activate this feature when you wish to collaborate without showing your face, or to save bandwidth for optimising your audio.

To switch on your camera, simply click on the camera icon again.

If you have the permissions to toggle other room members' camera, you can also switch off and on other room members' camera. Click their videoscreen and click the slider next to Camera to switch off their video stream.


Focus on One Member

You can focus on one member in the videochat, including yourself, by mousing over that member's videoscreen. Mouse over Video chat, then click Maximise

The member's videoscreen will be opened in a new tab.  Note that this tab can be seen by all members of the room.


Keep a Member Always Visible

Keep a member always visible by mousing over any room member's video. Mouse over video chat, then click Picture in picture

The video will be displayed on top of other underlying content on your screen in a separate window, which you can move around and even resize as you wish. Even when you switch between tabs or files, or even leave the ClassDo tab, your selected video will always appear 'floating' on top. 

The Picture-in-Picture effect is not synced with other room members. It shows on your screen only. Everyone in the room can use this feature at the same time.

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