Create an Organisation

Start your experience with ClassDo by creating an organisation! You can create rooms under your organisation, then invite members into specific rooms where you can collaborate online. As the creator of the organisation, you will also be listed as the organisation owner.


Create First Organisation

If you are not in any organisations, start by clicking Create an Organisation


 Create Another Organisation

If you are already in an organisation, you can create another organisation.

In the organisations list at the left of the screen, click the '+' icon to create a new organisation.


Fill In Organisation Details

1. Organisation Name

Enter your organisation name in the text field, Your organisation name.

2. Organisation Type

Click on Your organisation type.

Select the organisation type that best describes your organisation from the drop-down list. This will generate a set of default user roles tailored to your organisation, which you can assign to new members when you invite them. The type of organisation that you choose does not affect it in any other way than changing the default roles that are created.

3. (Optional) Organisation Logo

To upload a logo for your organisation, click Upload Image, and select the logo file from your device. 

Adjust and crop your logo image by moving the button along the slider. When you are satisfied, click Crop.


Create Your Organisation

Click Create once you are done filling up the details.

Welcome to Your New Organisation!

Welcome to your new organisation's branded homepage! 

Two sample rooms are automatically created in every new organisation containing some sample materials and a guide on how to use our rooms, so feel free to check them out after completing the next steps!

Next Steps:
    Create a room, and invite someone to join you for live collaboration 
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