Send Invites and Assign Roles

When you would like to invite more members to your room or your organisation, you may send more invites for new members to join.


Select Room that Members are Invited To

Start by selecting the room that you would like to add more members to.

If the room members list is not open, click the Members tab under the room name.

Click on Invite new member.


Invite Room Members with Room Key

With ClassDo, you can easily invite new room members using Room Keys to enter your room, while ensuring that only the people that are allowed to access your room can enter. 


Invite Specific People with Their Contact Info

If you want only specific people to have access to the room, and you don't wish the room access to be shared publicly with a Room Key, select to invite new members with their email address. If possible, ask them to provide a Google mail/ Gmail account for ease of logging in.
If the invitee is already part of your organisation on ClassDo in another room, you can invite existing members in the organisation.

(i) Invite New Members

To invite a new member (non-organisation members/ members that have not been added to other rooms in the organisation before), enter their email address.

Then, enter the member's name

Click the member's role to select their role from the drop down list. Note that this member will have the same role in all the rooms under this organisation.

Learn how to manage and customise the roles in your organisation.

Click + Add another row to add a new row. You can invite as many members as you wish at one time (one room can contain a maximum of 50 people).

To remove a row, click the cross icon next to it. 

(ii) Invite Existing Members

To invite existing members (organisation members/ members who have been invited to another room in the organisation before), Click on the dropdown list for existing members.

Existing organisation members are shown in the list, select the person that you would like to invite to this room. You can invite multiple organisation members..


Review your Invitations

Finally, review the people you are inviting. When you are sure that the details are correct, click Submit

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