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This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors. If you are a general user of ClassDo, please refer to this article.

Screen sharing lets other members see and hear what appears on your own screen, letting you share content outside of the virtual room, while still using ClassDo. 

Please note that the screen share tool can only be used inside the virtual room. Additionally, members who are not room hosts need to have their requests to screen share approved by the room host unless their role has been given the permission "Start screen share without host approval".

You may use the screen share tool even if your camera is not working or is turned off.

Screen share is not supported on mobile devices, including iOS, iPadOS or Android devices. Audio sharing of other apps may also not be supported on some browsers or OSes. Check the system requirements for screen share.

In this article:

To begin, you need to be in the Virtual Room. If you are not, refer to this article to enter a room. The associated controls are at the top right of the screen.

Approve Screen Sharing Requests

Other room members need approval to start screen sharing if they are not room hosts and do not have the permission to start screen share without host approval. 

After a room member starts screen share, a request will pop up on your screen. Click Approve to allow the screen share to be seen in the room. Otherwise, click Reject to cancel the request.

Switch on Screen Share


 Open Menu

Inside the virtual room, click Menu at the top right.

Click on Screen Share to turn on screen sharing. Note that this option is only available if your video stream is switched on.


Share Screen With or Without Audio

a) Share Screen With Screen Audio

In the Screen Share column, first check if you will need to Also share screen audio. This is left unchecked by default.
If you wish to watch videos that are not from YouTube together with other members in the room, or share an application/ webpage which has sound effects, ensure Also share screen audio is checked before switching on screen share.
Note: If you are on m acOS or Linux, sharing screen audio on other applications outside the browser is not supported i.e. you can only share the screen audio of website tabs.   

b) Share Screen Only

Sharing screen audio is not required if you only plan to share materials without audio such as websites, PDF files and word documents. If you do not need to share screen audio, simply click Turn on screen share  to switch on screen share. 

Note: If you are using a MacOS device and is unable to turn on Screen Share at this point, check out how to troubleshoot the issue.


Choose the Type of Content to be Shared

Back to the tab with the ClassDo room, a pop-up with 3 options of screen share will appear.

Note: If you wish to share screen audio, make sure that the checkbox for Share audio at the bottom left corner is also ticked before sharing your screen. This box will only appear if the slider for sharing screen audio has already been clicked in the previous step. If it does not appear, you may want to turn on screen share again.

Due to browser or OS constraints, this checkbox may also not appear for some options, which means that these options cannot be used with audio sharing.

Option 1: Your Entire Screen

This option will share your entire screen with other members in the room. This includes everything shown on the browser such as your tabs, bookmark bar and extensions. When you move to your desktop, everything on the desktop such as files and applications will also be seen.

Option 2: Application Window

This option will share the view of an opened application. This is useful when you want to share the operations of other applications other than the browser.

Option 3: Chrome Tab

This option will show you all your open tabs. This will protect the your privacy by sharing only contents on a particular tab and not all the open tabs and your personal bookmark bar.

Choose and click the Screen/Application Window/Tab that you want to share then click Share.

Open the Screen Share as a Tab

To open the screen share as a tab, the associated controls is the video streams.

Click on the video of the user who is sharing their screen.

Mouse over Screen Share.   

Click Maximise to open the screen share in a new tab.
The screenshare will now open as a tab to allow you to view it more easily.


End the Screen Share

When you wish to end the screen share, click on Menu and click Turn off screen share to switch it off.

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