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This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors. If you are a general user of ClassDo, please refer to this article.

In ClassDo, record your live session with just the click of a button. The recorded sessions are automatically saved in the room where they can be instantly and conveniently opened in a tab for other members to view.  There is no need for downloading and sending the recording to the participants separately.

Plus, the video will be auto-named with the date and start time of recording for easier access, saving you from the trouble of renaming files. There is no limit nor expiry date to how long files and videos can be saved in the virtual room.

If you are planning to record, please read the following best practices for recording.

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Note: Recording of the session is only possible in Live Collaboration Mode.


Switch On Recording

Note: If you intend to record your session, it is advised to start the recording at the start instead of in the middle of the session, as the preparation of recording takes around 5 minutes.

Inside the virtual room, click Menu at the top right.

Click Recording to switch on this function.

Once you have switched on the Recording function, the system may take up to 5 minutes to prepare for recording, as shown by the orange message " Preparing to record".

While the system is preparing to record, the room is not being recorded. To make sure that your entire session is recorded, we recommend switching on recording in advance and waiting until the preparation is complete before beginning.

When the system is ready and starts recording, the yellow message will disappear and be replaced by the red message " Recording".


End the Recording

Inside the virtual room, click Menu at the top right.

To end the recording, simply click Turn off recording to switch off the function.

Watch Recorded Video in the Virtual Room

Open a new tab by pressing the new tab icon.

The video will be automatically named in the format "Recording DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM Timezone" where the time when the recording is started, HH:MM, is in the 24-hour format. 

Select the recorded video to call it out from the Library. The recording will be opened in a new tab and can be viewed by other members of the room.

If there are many files in the room, you can search for recordings specifically by clicking the filter icon at the end of the search bar. Click Recording under Content type.
This filters the content so that only recordings are shown.

Download Recorded Videos

With the recording that you would like to download called out, click on the arrow icon.
Click on Download. Choose where you would like to save the recording on your computer.

Delete Recordings

With the recording that you would like to delete called out, click on the arrow icon.

Click on Delete content.

Confirm if you would like to delete the recording. If you are sure you want to delete it, click OK. Note that the recording will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. To be safe, we recommend that you download recordings before deleting them.
If you decide not to delete the recording, click Cancel.
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