Run internet speed test, recommended speeds

You will need a strong and stable internet connection to support high-quality video and audio. We strongly recommend that you run a speed test on your device's web browser before each collaboration session, especially if you are in a new environment or if you are connecting to public WIFI.

In general, we DO NOT recommend tapping public WIFI (e.g. at cafes, shopping malls, libraries) as it is typically not fast nor stable enough to support a smooth online collaboration session. There are also usually too many people connecting to the same public WIFI. It's still best to connect to a private, secure internet connection.

On a new browser tab, go to and click GO.

In less than a minute, your test results will be displayed on the website. Minimum speeds for a smooth virtual collaboration experience are:

  • Ping: <15 ms. The smaller the number, the better.
  • Upload speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.
  • Download speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.

If your internet speed is often slower than the recommended above, try following these steps to improve your internet connection.

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