Minimum requirements for desktop devices (PC, Mac, Chromebook)

Having the right device specifications will allow you to have a seamless experience on ClassDo! All device types are supported as long as they can meet the technical requirements below.

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 Computer Memory (RAM)

Minimum 8 GB RAM for Windows and Apple devices; 4 GB RAM for Chromebooks.

Operating system (OS)

For live virtual collaboration on desktop/laptop/tablet, the following OS are supported: Windows 10, macOS 10.11 and above, Linux, ChromeOS.

Update or upgrade your OS ( Windows 10, macOS) to the latest version before you start virtual collaboration.


Web browser

Please use:
  • Chrome (version 65 and above) - for Windows PC/laptop, Chromebook, iMAC and MacBook (Chrome for macOS)
  • Mac Safari (version 10.12 and above) - for iMAC and MacBook
  • Microsoft Edge (version 81 and above) - for Windows PC/laptop, iMAC, MacBook

If you do not have Chrome, download Chrome for free. Using other browsers not mentioned above may not support some or all of ClassDo's functions. 

We also highly recommend that you set your browser on automatic update so that it will automatically be updated when a new version is available. Read how you can update Chrome. To keep Safari up to date, update MacOS on your Mac.To use the latest version of Microsoft Edge, update Microsoft Edge on your devices.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be required in regions where Chrome is unavailable.


Internet connection

You will need a strong and stable internet connection to support high-quality video and audio.

We strongly recommend that you run a speed test on your device's web browser before each online collaboration, especially if you are in a new environment or if you are connecting to public WIFI.  Minimum speeds for a smooth virtual collaboration experience are:

  • Ping: <15 ms. The smaller the number, the better.
  • Upload speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.
  • Download speed: >30 mbps. The bigger the number, the better.

If your internet speed is often slower than the recommended above, try these methods to improve your internet connection.


Web camera

Both built-in or external web cameras are supported. You MUST have a camera in order to carry out live collaboration with video chat.

Also ensure that you have 

  • given permission for ClassDo to access your camera on your browser
  • and, if you have more than one web camera, that the correct camera is selected on your browser's settings.

Microphone and Speaker

Use a headset with microphone for the best audio quality. 
Using your device's built-in microphone and speaker is not recommended as it will pick up background noise and cause the voices of your room members to echo. Also ensure that you have given permission for ClassDo to access your microphone on your browser, and the correct sound input device is selected on your browser settings.

Stylus (Optional)

Users who do not have touchscreen computers or touchscreen tablets, or who need to do detailed or fine writing/drawing in their collaboration work, may wish to purchase an option stylus pen for writing and drawing, such as WACOM stylus or Apple Pencil.
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