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This article is meant for business/organisation owners only. ClassDo charges organisation owners only, for the total virtual room usage hours clocked by their organisation staff and end-users (eg students, course participants). We do not charge the organisations' end-users directly. 

First 60 hours free
Buy more hours, get more bonus hours free

All plans come power-packed with full access to all of ClassDo's features.
Unlock 60 hours of live video collaboration for your free trial instantly.

Cost Illustration for Pay-As-You-Go

Live video collaboration rate: US$0.01/min per user

Recording rate: US$0.01/min (add-on)

If you run a virtual collaboration session on ClassDo with two other room members for 60 minutes, and you recorded the entire session, you will incur:

Live video collaboration sub-total
=  rate x minutes x number of users = US$0.01 x 60 x 3 users = US$1.80   

Recording sub-total
= rate x minutes = US$0.01 x 60 = US$0.60

TOTAL: US$2.40


1. How does ClassDo pricing work?

All newly created organisations on ClassDo enjoy first 60 hours of usage free-of-charge. You can start your free trial as soon as you have created your organisation, as the 60 free hours will be credited automatically into your organisation balance on your Organisation Billing page

We recommend that you select a top-up plan to ensure you will always have credits for undisrupted live sessions on ClassDo even after your free trial ends.

(i) Choose between Starter and Team Plans for your top-up plan. 

(ii) Pick the package you would like to purchase: either Pay-As-You-Go if your usage is more ad-hoc, or one of the bulk purchase packages that come with bonus hours if you are a regular, high-volume user.

(iii) For Pay-As-You-Go, set the number of hours you would like to top up. The minimum is 20 hours.

(iv) Set your mode of top-up. The default mode is auto top-up to ensure your live sessions will not get disrupted unexepectedly due to credits running out. You may choose to disable auto top-up if you prefer to make manual top-ups as and when you want to. For auto top-ups, set when you want it to be triggered, by entering the number of hours you would like the organisation balance to fall below. The minimum threshold balance is 10 hours. 

(v) Enter your credit card details.

As and when you activate live video collaboration (and optional recording), we will deduct the actual number of minutes used from your organisational balance right after each usage, in real time.

2.What is the difference between the Starter Pan and Team Plan? 

The Starter Plan, suitable for independent educators and small organisations, allows you to save and manage up to 10,000 contents per organisation across all rooms. As your business grows, you may upgrade to the Team Plan with unlimited content items saved per organisation. 

3. Is there any maximum or minimum number of users per organisation for any plan?

No. Our plans do not have any user caps. 

4.What is the difference between Pay-As-You-Go and bulk purchase packages?

Pay-As-You-Go is suitable for customers with ad-hoc usage, or those who prefer flexibility without pre-committing to a bulk purchase. You pay the full rate of US$0.01 per minute. There is no discount in the form of bonus hours. 

For customers who are ready to commit to using ClassDo on a longer term or whose usage hours have grown, you may opt to top up your organisation balance any time with a bulk purchase package that suits your usage. The more hours you buy upfront, the more bonus hours you get. Take advantage of our bulk purchase packages to save up to 50% off the full Pay-As-You-Go rate!

5. Is there an expiry date on my bulk purchase hours?

Bulk purchase hours are valid for one year from the date of order.

6. What is the minimum number of hours that I must top up with?

For ad-hoc 'Pay-As-You-Go' customers, you can enter any number of hours you like, as long as it is at least 20 hours per top-up. For bulk purchase package customers, the top-up amount depends on your package.                                                                             

7. Is there a monthly subscription plan?

There is no monthly subscription plan. With ClassDo's fair pricing plans, you pay only for what you use, when you use it. 

8. Besides live video collaboration and recording, are there any charges for using the other features and online file storage?

No, we charge usage fees only when you activate live video collaboration and (optional) recording usage only. You can save contents in your organisation Content Library across all rooms up to the limit determined by the plan you select. All other features are free for you to use, as long as you do not activate live video collaboration and recording.

9. How do I pay for my top-ups?

Top up with your credit card on our website securely via Stripe. As and when you wish to top up more hours, you may edit your top-up plan and make an auto or manual top-up conveniently on the Organisation Billing page on your own. 

For info on Enterprise Plan or any other enquiries

Please email ClassDo Support at

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