My microphone does not work

Why does my microphone not load, how do I make it work?

There are a few possible reasons for this problem, such as the following:

  • Unsupported/Outdated Browser
  • Outdated Operating System (OS)
  • Other software/application is using your Microphone
  • Incorrect PC/Browser Configuration for Microphone

For External Microphone:

  • Problems with External Microphone Headset Driver

Follow the steps below to solve your problems!

If you are using iPad/iPhone on Safari, and the problem persists even after trying the basic diagnostics, you may need to follow these steps to reload your microphone.


Before you begin

Refresh your ClassDo page. and check if the problem persists.


Basic Diagnostics

Check if your microphone is connected properly

Your microphone may not be connected properly. If you are using an wired earpiece or earphones, try reconnecting your microphone by plugging it out then plugging it back into the audio jack. If it is a wireless earpiece, try switching it off and then on to restablish the connection.

Check if you are using the correct microphone/ your microphone is working

You may be using the wrong microphone, or your microphone is broken. Check which microphone you are using and switch microphones. (For example, if you are using an earpiece, try disconnecting it and using your device's built-in microphone instead.) If you switch to another microphone which is able to work, it may be that your original microphone is broken.

Check if other software is using the microphone

Other software that are using the microphone, such as the voice recorder, will cause the browser to be unable to use the microphone. Check if other software are currently using the microphone. If you think that a software is using your microphone, close the software and  reload the ClassDo page.

Check if your browser / ClassDo has permissions to access your microphone

Check your Microphone Configurations

For Default/Internal Microphone

In certain computers, there is a function key button that you need to press to turn the microphone on. For example, for Lenovo laptops, it will be the "F4" key.


Look around your laptop, sometimes there is a toggle switch to turn your microphone on/off.

For External Microphone/ Headset

You have to first ensure that you have installed a proper external microphone/ headset driver prior to entering a live collaboration room. Check if the microphone/headset is properly connected to your laptop and relevant software (if needed) for the microphone/headset is installed. If the problem persists, please check with your respective microphone/headset retailer.


Clear Browser Cache

Before you begin

Refresh your ClassDo page. and check if the problem persists. You may need to wait a while before the webpage loads.

On Chrome (for Windows, Chromebook, Macbook)

On desktop, press down ctrl + shift + i at the same time, then right click the refresh button and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

If the problem persists, press down  ctrl + shift + delete on your keyboard at the same time. This will open a new tab where you can clear your cache.

Alternatively, follow the instructions at

On mobile Safari (for iPad, iPhone)

Please follow the instructions at

Make sure to  Clear History and Website Data.

On Mac Safari (for iMac, Macbook)

Please follow the instructions at

Make sure to  Remove stored cookies and data.

On Microsoft Edge (for iMac, Macbook, Windows)

Please follow the instructions at


Check that your Operating System and Google Chrome is updated

Check that your OS is up to date.

If you are using a Windows device

Click on the search bar on your taskbar. Type in Windows Update Settings and press enter on your keyboard.

Follow the instructions on your computer to update Windows.

If you are using a macOS device

Click on the search icon on the top right of your screen to open Spotlight. Type in Software Update and click the System Preferences panel.

Follow the instructions on your computer to update your macOS     

If you are using a ChromeOS device

Click on the circle icon to open search. Type in Settings and click on Settings.

Click About Chrome OS and then click Check for updates.

Update Google Chrome

Check if Google Chrome is up to date

Click on the menu button on the top right of the window. Then hover your cursor over Help and click About Google Chrome. Google Chrome will automatically check for an update and install any available updates. You will need to restart Google Chrome after the update. Follow the instructions on your computer to do so.

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